Thursday, February 11, 2016

Making a special journal

Hi everyone!  I just learned about bullet journals.  Have you ever seen or heard of this idea? Basically you just make a sort of list of whatever type you can be many things, such as THINGS TO DO, tracking things you have done, or recipes, DIY's, etc.  There are videos on You Tube to learn about this system.

Anyway, I was searching around the house for a notebook that I could do this with, and found an 8.25 x 5.5 basic paper bound notebook, that has graph paper inside.  I thought this could work OK for list making.

This journal will list all of the Korean dramas I have watched, by year and month.  I do love my dramas!  I got an idea to attach a monthly calendar page inside the front left side when I get up to a new month starting.  The person who did this, just uses pretty washy tapes to tape it in.  (The calendar is smaller than the page so there is room for the tape).  Here is her blog post about it.
******ZOOT BLOG******

This notebook had some spine issues, so I used E6000 to repair, and then used some of my homemade decorative tape to cover the old ugly black spine.  It is improved already, but I am wondering how I can decorate the front, and that is where I am looking for any ideas.  I can sew a lovely cover for it too, and maybe I will end up doing that anyway, but just wondered if there would be another way...

Here is a picture of my cute baby, Doozey, being all snuggly this morning, too.  Just for you!  See the shaved area on her arm where she had an IV in the pet hospital this past weekend?  Shes doing much better.  Still on antibiotics (2), and a probiotic,  A few more days to go, and she should be good as gold.  My poor sugar baby!  
xoxo- Julie

Monday, February 1, 2016

Well, hello again!

I wanted to pop in to show the washi tapes I have made so far.  These were my first tries, and far from perfection, but I am getting it down to a better look with time!  First though, is a wonderful pen I have that had a white barrel, (and drug name on the side).  It writes like a dream, but I wished it was prettier!  I saw where you can use mail polish to paint your pen, so I did a random dabbing kind of deal, and ended up with this!  Pink, gold, and lilac.  I really like it.
 So here are the thicker 1 inch washi tapes I made using "Cloth " tape from drugstore.  I liked this at first, but then graduated to the 1/2 inch PAPER tape (also from drugstore).  It tears more like actual washi tape, and has that same kind of feel.  I just realized I spelled your name wrong on this tape I made Bobbie Lynn!!!  So sorry! What a dummy!  Well, as I said I am learning, and I think I was a bit excited at my first tries!!!  Out of these the blue with flowers stamped turned out the best.
 I like the pink with suns too!  The purple one is kinda neat also.  These all have a shimmer, because I sprayed them all with a metallic alcohol ink.

 I decided that a yellow tape with suns was a more appropriate use of a sun stamp!  The light blue tape is stamped with a green ink in flowers.  I like the random prints best.
 How do you like this huge box of decorative tapes I found at Target.  Each one is 9 ft. long.  It only cost $9.99
 Here is my carousel of washi tapes...can you see the ones I made wrapped around a plastic straw???  Love this storage idea!
 My little book I write down what I eat in.  I decorate it a bit with tapes and stickers too.  A relaxing thing in the morning.
 Here is another washi tape made with 1/2 inch paper tape.  It is hand stamped with individual letters.  Tedious, and not anything I would want to do much of. I added strips of dotty pink on each edge, but have since removed it because it looked to sloppy.

 Picture of my well worn craft table.  Love it so much, can never part with it.  You can see the grands have splashed paint on the lamp...not only the base, but shade too!  How fun!  We don't play around here, we are serious crafters!!!  Hehe.

Monday, January 25, 2016

DIY Washi Tape

Anyone who loves washi tape will love this video!  I will make some very soon!  Can't wait!  I already have EVERYTHING needed!  How lucky is that?  Enjoy!!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

 Hello to anyone who might still read my blog!!!  I have posted these photos on FB, and Instagram as they happened, so this is just a wrap-up of my last few days.  I have started keeping a planner, which I don't really use for appointments, but just to record anything that strikes my fancy.  I learned about it from my DIL,and the fun part is all of the planner decorating you do. It reminds me of the junk journals we all used to do, but with the new twist of having it be a planner!  I made my own "dashboard", or what they call the first page of your planner.  I added an envelope to hold decorative elements, which can be stickers, sticky notes, etc.  I cut out some parts of my actual bag of Gummy Bears, and glued them in using E6000, and sparkly washi tape. 
 Then I got to making some decorated jumbo paperclips, using ribbons, and other items, and again using E6000 to glue embellishments securely.  I learned how to wrap the ribbon around the front edge of the pape9rclip, bring the ends to the back and pull through and up.  It makes it look good and the ribbons then stick up much straighter.
 These are some of my creations.  The lighting was so bad at night.  I apologize.  You can kinda get the idea tho.
 My planner is spural bound, so I figured out how to make some cute tags that can be stuck into the binding, to add special reminders, sayings, or events.  I hand punched and cut these edges to fit.  I reinforced them with clear tape, to prevent ripping.
 More paperclips.  This cream colored flower one is reversible!

 Here is the Black Pearl Boba Tea shop, at the Wellington Mall, in Wellington, Florida we like to visit.  I had a cranberry, blueberries and strawberries, all fresh, with no sweeteners or added sugar.  I added black pearl honey boba.  It was so good.
 Here I am one morning with my chichi pillow, Doozey.  It's been cold here, and she and I have appreciated our snuggly times!!!
 We got to visit a fantastic fresh, organic, locally sourced foods restaurant, called Farmers Table in Boca Raton, Florida.  My SIL, Lynn, told me about it, so I must give her a big thank you!!!!  It is inside the Wyndham Hotel. This place is just moderately priced, but the food, and ambiance there is devine!  They have a great venue, too, for parties and very cozy events.  I imagine a nice intimate wedding reception there.  If you ever go, check out that space!  Here is a pic of my Buddha Bowl.  It was incredible.
 Dessert was a many layered cake called Opera Cake.  The ganache layer was the thing that took it right over the top!!!!!  It had a bit of vanilla ice cream on the side.  We all shared it.
 Daughter ordered a fresh chilled coconut, drilled to order!!!!!  They sat it into a wooden holder, and what a treat!!!!
Anyway, there you go.  Hope everyone reading this is well. Lo e you, and miss you!  XOXO-Julie

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Roses and eggplants!

My eggplants are going to town right now.  I have 3 on each plant in various stages.  I love eggplant plants in the south, because you can keep them going for approx. 3 years!  These are in the first year, but should continue to fruit solidly over the 3 years!  Amazing!  This is my first time growing these large white egg shaped type.  Sure hope they taste great!  I have szechuan ideas for them!!!

1rst plant:

                                                                          2nd plant:
                                      One on the other side of the bucket from the other 2.
My roses are having a bloom fest.  

                                                            LAVENDER COLORED:

The days here are cooling off slightly over the next few days.  I should be out mowing my back yard, but I'm just not in the mood!  Hehe.  Doozey is laying here, looking all adorable!  She loves her new stuffingless toy, Mr. Ducky.  It crinkles...her favorite!!!
Have a great Thursday, Friday and upcoming weekend!
XOXO- Julie